Multi-Lane Menace

It’s come to my attention that the autobahn concept is pretty divisive. From my perspective, it’s completely terrifying. The notion of having no speed limit to regulate the flow a multi-lane freeway freaks me out. I understand that most drivers in Germany are used to it, and that it’s something of a point of national …

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Cars: Number 1?

If I had to rank my vehicle preferences, number one would be helicopters. Obviously. They’re the most efficient way to travel, they can go in a straight line, you don’t have to sit through an in-flight safety video with air stewards telling you that you need to out your seat forward and some of them …

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Bendigo’s Tourism Boost

Spoiler alert. I never would’ve suspected that Jamilla was in on the plot to rob Kaylene of her father’s inheritance by posing as a penguin saleswoman, or that she was put up to the task by Ulysses, who secretly wanted to simply get down into the treasure vault of Kaylene’s ancestors to steal the Mask …

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