Agatha’s No More


Oh my!

I’m probably still a little shell-shocked from the TV show ‘Week of Our Lives’ New year special episode, which promised to shape the future of the series…forever. And wow, it sure did!

For one thing, it’s the first crossover episode between ‘WOOL’ and ‘Sails of Our Lives’, with the boats coming back and tension galore. Jones went back to his father’s auto service garage in Milperra, where his father told him that since he’d abandoned the ways of wheel and road, setting out with the fleet of boats, he was no longer welcome. He then went to his mother’s horseshoe fitting shop and a surprisingly similar scene occurred. 

However, the surprise twist that tore through Realsville was that…Agatha’s shop is closing. For two months. While Agatha visits her sister. IN TOWNSVILLE!

Wow, Agatha’s corner shop is an institution, where everyone gathers to gossip about everyone else, and also to buy milk. In fact, I think it’s literally the only place to buy food in Realsville, despite the town being strangely well equipped with a leisure centre, opera house, humongous gym, another parkour-only gym, a sporting arena the size of the MCG, a Westfield shopping centre, several mysterious abandoned warehouses, a full-size theme park, six large schools and a shipping yard the size of a small town that constructs luxury cruisers. There’s only one cafe as well…weird.

Anyway, this is big news. It’s almost like Pepper’s Pizzeria closing down, or Andy’s Automotives taking a break. How many stories have dealt with car brake services (all those angry couples and their sabotage!), diesel services, log book servicing and brake and clutch repairs? So many. So many! Without Andy’s, all of those automotive services would shut down and the show would lose half of its stories.

And now, no more scenes in Agatha’s shop?? It just won’t be believable, what with everyone basically queuing up at Gianna’s Cafe and talking smack about each other in carefully timed shifts. My immersion will be ruined.