Creative Kitchens is a kitchen design consultancy with heart. In our book, small is beautiful, community is of the essence, and life happens outside the square.

Our team crafts solutions that capture this ethos with an unwavering eye for style, impeccable quality and true originality. We want you go into your design and build process fully equipped to bring your vision to life, and believe in knowing the rules in order to break them.

Our Approach

We specialise in advising on one-of-a-kind kitchen creation projects for pop-up, mobile, small and outdoor spaces. This growing niche attracts a diverse array of people who love to do things differently, and we thrive on the challenge of translating their visionary ideas into effective blueprints. Our extensive consulting experience spans commercial and personal kitchen applications, and we’ve worked on some truly unique projects that have pushed our understanding of what a kitchen can be to its limits. 

Our consultants work with systems and processes that have been proven to deliver satisfaction for our clients, applied in a supportive and flexible manner. We’re here to help you bring your vision to life.

Commercial Kitchens

We provide professional advice on the design and installation of high-concept bespoke kitchens for unusual commercial applications, including:

  • Pop-up eateries and bars
  • Mobile street food stalls and trucks
  • Outdoor and semi-outdoor cooking
  • Open-view, feature and tutorial cooking

We also have extensive experience in more conventional commercial kitchen settings such as boutique hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. We specialise in supporting you on your journey towards creating and serving the innovative cuisine that puts your offering in a class of its own.

Personal and Community Kitchens

We consult on boutique personal kitchen solutions for tiny houses, mobile homes and communal living. We have an extensive library of first-hand knowledge on achieving year-round efficiency, safety, performance and user-friendliness in very small spaces, while incorporating a surprising array of appliances and food preparation areas in innovative ways.