Barefoot Enthusiast

I have a severe dislike for shoes. I have wide feet, which doesn’t sound like an issue, but it’s caused a lot of problems in my life. Whenever I put shoes on, my feet feel cramped and uncomfortable. Shoes cause me a lot of pain and so I avoid wearing them as much as possible. I like to call myself the “Barefoot Enthusiast”, the man spearheading the movement against being forced to wear shoes in public. I’ve got quite a following now and a lot of people are taking initiative and removing shoes from their lives. It’s liberating.

During one of my movements, I actually spoke to a Cheltenham podiatrist. She tried to convince me that shoes actually are necessary for humans, and that we need the support of shoes so that we don’t have problems in the future. Bleh. People will say anything these days. I am much better off without shoes and I know it. My feet are now tough as (toe) nails and feel better than they ever have before. Being stuck with warm, sweaty feet all day is a nightmare, and it’s not a nightmare that I will put myself through.

Unfortunately, I’ve had one of the original members of my no-shoe movement leave the initiative. It was very disappointing, as she had been with us since its inception. Apparently she’s got “corns and calluses” from walking around barefoot all these years. I know for a fact that the foot condition is just a late-onset of the impact of wearing shoes for so many years. You never know when these issues will pop up. 

To everyone other than my followers, I propose that you look deep inside yourself and determine why you’re still wearing shoes. I can put money on the fact that you wear shoes just because you feel like you have to. You’ve been brainwashed. It’s now time to think for yourself.