Having worked with Hilda on a number of renovations to our hotel kitchens, I was aware that her work is always meticulous. But she really exceeded my expectations when I recruited her to transform the rooftop bar at one of our signature properties. Not only did she come through on our challenging brief, but she introduced a depth of creativity into the concept that transcended our vision and took it to the next level. We could not have arrived at this result with any other collaborator. 

Patricia Francis-Haltkin, Creative Director, Geometrica Concept Hotels

Working with Creative Kitchens is a completely different experience to skipping straight to a design firm. It’s become my first port of call when beginning a project – an outside eye of sorts, and a highly perceptive one at that. Hilda has a sixth sense for design opportunities, and can smell a creative cul-de-sac a mile off. 

Jennifer Emmaline Brath, Architectural Adviser, Lemming Partners

Our business would not be the success that it is without Hilda’s guidance in the design of our kitchen. No design and installation companies were willing to go ahead with our idea until she reviewed it and stamped with her unique brand of expertise.

Jamie Kafferty, Owner, The Hawaiian Food Truck

Without Hilda, my lifelong to goal to flambé 400 live eels in a single night would have gone unfulfilled. Thanks to Hilda revamping my entire kitchen space and advising me on all sorts of big and small changes, we were able to give the Melbourne Eel Appreciation Society its greatest dining experience EVER. I owe it all to Hilda’s advice!

Elon Spork, Proprieter, Is This the Eel Life?