Cars: Number 1?

If I had to rank my vehicle preferences, number one would be helicopters. Obviously. They’re the most efficient way to travel, they can go in a straight line, you don’t have to sit through an in-flight safety video with air stewards telling you that you need to out your seat forward and some of them even have missiles. Mostly the military ones, mind you. I’m not a helicopter expert, but you have to assume that at least a few of the civilian models come equipped with such things. You know, to protect you against air pirates.

Imagine having that going through your mind while you’re stuck in traffic, or having to drive across the city to a vehicle inspection. Ringwood isn’t exactly rife with air pirates, but you know. You’re going there anyway because local mechanic workshop shut down, and Amanda at work knows the people at this one are they’re SO good. And Amanda talks to everyone so she will know if you don’t go there. She’ll know, and she’ll book you in for an appointment because she can’t stand the thought of giving bad advice.

Sure, the service centre is good and all, but that’s not the point. Back to my list. Cars are… oh, I’d say probably seventh in ranking? I guess they’re number one for practicality, because everyone owns them and skilled mechanics are fairly easy to come by, but there’s a lot more to it than just practicality. Submarines rank higher than cars in my book, because they’re fun and unique and they make that cool little ‘mawwww, mawwww’ sound when you’re looking through the periscope. Also, there’s almost no traffic underneath the sea.

Meanwhile, in the course of getting to this allegedly amazing car service centre, Ringwood traffic has formed the bulk of my afternoon. Even the humble space-hopper doesn’t have to deal with all that. Just a lot of bouncing and hopping, and working the quads.