Car Bet

I lost a bet with my friends. I bet that none of them would be able to go without a beer when we were out on Saturday night. My friends are beer fiends and smash about fifteen beers per session, whereas I smash about eight. I’m without a doubt the tamest in my group of friends, even though compared to others I certainly give it a red hot crack.

Well, the mistake of my bet was in the wording. I should have said any alcohol at all, but instead, I said beer. As soon as we got to the bar my friend walked straight up to get a drink and I thought I had won. He bought a vodka lime soda and I laughed in his face saying that I won the bet and that they’d have to pay to get my car upgraded and serviced for the next year. And then instead he laughed in my face and said he was drinking spirits, not beer. My friends all came up to me then and laughed as well, saying that I had to take each of their cars to the local mechanic in Bentleigh for the rest of the year. I don’t have to pay for the services like they were going to have to pay for mine, but I am now responsible for picking up and dropping off their cars to the mechanic any time they need it this year. This is going to take away heaps of my free time, and it’s all because I didn’t think about the wording of my bet. If I had said drinking in general I would’ve gotten a proper brake repair near Moorabbin just because I wanted to. I would’ve really made the most of this year and got all the stuff repaired in my car that I’ve been too cheap or too lazy to get done. But now I can’t. Spewing.