Bathroom Designer League

Today, the International Bathroom Designer League gathered together for their thirtieth annual basketball tournament. I know there’s always some confusion when I talk about this, so I need to make it clear that the International Bathroom Designer League has nothing to do with the League of International Bathroom Designers. The International Bathroom Designer League is a group of bathroom renovation specialists who gather for a basketball tournament once a year. The League of International Bathroom Designers is a shadow group that controls the world. There’s a huge difference.

I don’t really know a lot about basketball, but I’m pretty good at scoring goals (that’s what they’re called, right?) I was shooting three-pointers all day, taking my team to victory in each match. All the while, I was trash-talking the opposition. “You’re so good at bathroom installation that you’re the most in-demand designer around Malvern.” Now, to someone who doesn’t work in bathroom design, that might not seem like much of a burn, but trust me, my opponent was seething with rage after that one.

Really, we hold this event just so that we can get away from the pressures of running bathroom design businesses. When you spend every day doing great bathroom renovations in the Melbourne CBD, you need a bit of a break. Plus, a lot of the people in the International Bathroom Designer League are also in the League of International Bathroom Designers. There’s a lot of pressure involved in running the world from the shadows. 

In fact, now that I think about it, everyone in our basketball tournament is in that shadow league. Huh, I guess they basically are the same group. That would explain why you have to be a member of the mysterious shadow league that controls the world in order to play in this basketball tournament. I always thought that was a bit weird. Now I have to wonder, is the Esports League for International Bathroom Designers also run by our shadow group? It certainly seems likely.