Becoming Moth Earrings

When I was young, I ate every single leaf on a tree. I’m not joking—that thing was so bare you would think the tree had been deprived of water for years. Being a caterpillar is a hard life, but it has its perks. Not having to worry about putting food on the table or managing your finances is amazing. You do have to be careful of the birds and praying mantises. They can really mess you up if you don’t watch out. 

If you get far enough in life, you get to rest for a whole year inside a cocoon. It’s the best time of your life, from what I’ve heard. You don’t have to do anything. No job, no annoying friends, just a lot of relaxing. You can’t really take holidays when you are a bug, but that sounds pretty close. You just reflect and improve yourself mentally, and physically too. 

A lot of my friends became totally different when they came out of their cocoons. I hardly recognised them because of their change in appearance, as well as in personality. My best friend and I even had a falling out because of how much he had changed. We just wanted to go in different directions in life. I have always dreamed of having a highly respectable job, like being turned into super fancy moth earrings for humans to wear. I’d get to experience the affluent lifestyle of the most incredible beings in the world. My friend, on the other hand, wanted to move to a warmer climate and become the new Secret Agent Moth. I’ve always had a desire to live in Melbourne because I heard that there are quality Melbourne-made earrings everywhere there. I want to join them, as one of the nicest pairs of earrings going around. I think that would be a truly fulfilling life.

Can you imagine how boring the life of Secret Agent Moth would be? Going on secret missions, being an international moth of mystery? How terrible. I think I’ll just hang around with some humans instead.