Car mechanic recommendations

This week has been such a busy week! I feel like I haven’t had time to myself or even had a chance to get my chores done. My husband’s family have come to stay with us and don’t get me wrong, while I do love them, house guests can sometimes be a burden.

While they’re here as guests, all I’m doing is simply falling behind on my chores. Grocery shopping has become a mission, the bathroom is always full, I’ve had zero time to pay bills at the post office, and I still need to arrange a day to go to the mechanic. Moorabbin isn’t exactly a tourist destination, but each day they seem to find some sort of activity for us to do in this area. So far we’ve been bowling, had a shopping spree, eaten at various coffee shops, and been to the beach. I guess it has been nice to do all these activities as I’d typically never get the chance, but it is taking huge chunks out of my week. 

My parents and my husband’s parents have never gotten along, which I admit is sad to say. You see, my husband’s parents have a very ‘carefree’ nature. My parents, on the other hand, are very uptight. These personality differences definitely do lead to clashes from time to time. We keep the qualms between the parents, however, and never get involved. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not at each other’s throats or constantly arguing but I have caught a few eye rolls from either party. I remember when I mentioned that I was taking my car to a Moorabbin mechanic that does tyre repair. Suddenly it broke into a debate between my dad and my husband’s dad over whose mechanic was better and where I should be taking my car. In the end, I put my foot down and said I was going to neither of their recommendations. They’re just always trying to one-up each other.