Hero Careers

I’ve been a pencil mascot for as long as I can remember, standing outside of many Melbourne art stores, trying to lure people inside. I got into this job because I wanted to be an artist, but can’t draw to save my life. I figured dressing up as a pencil was the next best thing! I thought it would be really cool. Boy was I wrong. I hate this job. The suit gets all hot and sweaty, and I have to wash it myself. It takes about five cycles to get clean, and it needs a daily wash. Not to mention all the people that make fun of me for looking like a pencil. Do you have any idea how often I’ve been called pencil-neck? Far too many to count. That’s why I’m meeting with the best career consultant in the Melbourne area. I hope she can help me come up with a plan to get a better job.

I’ve actually always wanted to be a lifeguard, so maybe I’ll look into that. Wouldn’t it be so rewarding to save someone’s life? I’m really good at helping people, you know. And then when I save a life, everyone will think I’m so amazing. I’ll feel really good about myself, which is obviously the most important thing. Really, I just want a job where other people will validate my existence. That’s what I’m hoping to get out of professional career change advice. Near Melbourne, there should be plenty of jobs where people will tell me how amazing I am. I could become a police officer, a doctor or a fireman. It doesn’t matter, so long as everyone realises how great I am. I’ll be a hero.

Actually, maybe I should go to the Superhero Training Academy in Melbourne and learn how to be super. Everyone will love me forever if I become a real superhero! I’ll go from zero to hero in no time. You can call me Pencil Man!