Paint Brush Miracle

Yesterday, I was at work when I opened the back doors of my friend’s van, only to be greeted by the strong scent of paint. Once again, I had forgotten to close the lids on my friend’s paint cans, on a forty-degree day as well! As a result, his entire van had been redecorated on the inside to resemble an orange. To make matters worse, orange is his least favourite colour! I tried my best to put all the paint back in the cans, but it just slipped through my fingers and got all over my clothes. I think I may even have swallowed some. All I wanted was to make my friend proud by helping him out when he needed it. He is the best residential painter in the world. How will he ever trust me to helo out when I keep letting paint explode all over my van?

Perhaps it was time I gave up on my dream of helping my friend. In defeat, I crawled into the van and closed the doors, looking around at the mess I had created. Overwhelmed with my failure, I began to cry, my tears falling onto the paint. Suddenly, the paint began to glow. At the other end of the van appeared a small figure. A fairy with wings that looked almost like paint splatters. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this real?

The fairy came over to me and held out a clean roller paintbrush, exactly like the ones a real painter near Melbourne would use. She explained that she is my guardian painting fairy and that the paint roller would help me achieve all my dreams. Before I could even utter the words of thanks overtaking my thoughts, she was gone. I looked at the roller, filled with inspiration and hope. Perhaps it wasn’t time to give up on my dreams, after all. As a wise man once said, don’t let your dreams be dreams. It was time to just do it.