Fixing my smile

I’ve been really insecure about my teeth since I was a teenager. It’s as if I lost my baby teeth only to end up growing even worse teeth. They’re just so weak and oddly shaped. Some of my teeth look bigger than others, some ended up growing on top of each other, and some can chip even when I’m eating something soft such as bread. I really don’t understand why they grew like this as both my parents seem to have fine teeth, as do my siblings. I think it might be some throw off genetics possibly from a grandparent. All I know is that it’s bizarre and doesn’t look good. My family tries to brush it off and say all these silly things such as it ‘adds character’ and makes me look ‘unique’, but I know they’re just trying to make me feel good. I’ve been looking into the price of dental implants because I think they would really help with my self-confidence and will stop the awkwardness when people see me smile for the first time.

This issue with my teeth has also made me struggle with dating and in the workplace. I believe I come across a lot more unapproachable because I tend to keep my mouth shut a lot more. People ask me why I don’t really smile, but as soon as I do they start pulling horrified looks as they look at teeth. At least if I keep my mouth closed I might look grumpy, but at least I’m not being reminded of how bad my mouth is.

I’ve made an appointment with a dentist surgery near Bayside for an initial consultation. According to my research, the procedure will have an extremely painful healing process where I will struggle to eat for a few weeks but I am willing to cope with that. I honestly don’t know how I’ll feel when I see my new smile for the first time. I think it will definitely be an overwhelming moment.