Her Kitchen Cried

“Hello.” The voice was laden with sadness and barely above a whisper, but Barbara was sure it was coming out of the sink. She froze, her body trying to jump into fight or flight mode but quickly stumbling into a state of paralysis. The voice couldn’t be coming from the kitchen drain. “I’m sorry,” the …

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Art Deco Bathrooms

The enchanting journey through the museum’s corridors led Ella and Mia into the dazzling world of the Art Deco period. The section, dedicated to the marvels of early 20th-century design, was a symphony of bold geometric shapes and lavish decorations. It was here that modern bathroom renovation specialists drew inspiration, blending the past’s opulence with …

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Bathroom Designer League

Today, the International Bathroom Designer League gathered together for their thirtieth annual basketball tournament. I know there’s always some confusion when I talk about this, so I need to make it clear that the International Bathroom Designer League has nothing to do with the League of International Bathroom Designers. The International Bathroom Designer League is …

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