Toowoomba, Innovation Station

As a local, I find this cafe…adequate. You see, Toowoomba is the centre of many great things; a hidden gem of Queensland. Did you know, for example, that coffee was invented in Toowoomba? Most people don’t believe me, but it is…a fact that I often repeat. Yes, a scientist accidentally crushed a coffee bean, thought it smelled nice, then put it in his drink and found it to be very nice. In my town! And that is how coffee was born I think. You’re welcome, world.

And if you think that’s good, wait until you hear about our auto electrical. Toowoomba used to the only place in all of Queensland that had any mechanics, and everyone who broke down in the state had to push their cars all the way there. That’s why the auto electrical and mechanical trade in Toowoomba is so strong: it’s the seat of mechanical power…probably in all of Australia. 

I tried to tell one of the staff here about that awesome fact while I was ordering a flat white, and they merely accepted it politely before moving onto the next person in line behind me. I mean, at least look shocked, then make a swift-yet-solemn promise to talk to me more on the subject later. I’d consider that to be borderline rude.

And if you think the mechanics working in town are amazing, wait until you hear that it’s the only place in the whole world where you can hire a tandem bicycle with nine seats. That’s right, you can pick your jaw up off the floor, because it’s true. I have been on one such legendary ride, and it was extremely difficult to see where we were going or steer. It was part of the charm, as was the part where we veered into a canal. It was fine, however, because the weather was lovely and sunny, as it always is in Toowoomba. Tyre repair, mechanics, coffee museums, group bike tours on one single bike…what’s not to love? 

This cafe is fine, as I have said. But coffee always tastes better from the source.