Coffee, The Destroyer

I sure do love doing an entire day’s work and having it all get deleted. I backed it all up as well, but some intern down on the fourth floor deleted the entire server…somehow. Apparently there was a dramatic coffee spilling incident that wiped out all of our company’s memory and now all the footage …

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The Boating Queen

Oh come ON, Jess, you are the actual WORST! I can’t exactly say that she’s lying because the pics are all over Visage-Tome of her private cruise, but she’s acting like it’s her daddy’s private boat and it totally isn’t. She hasn’t said that it is, but it’s what she wants everyone to think, unless …

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Sunken Ship Troubles

I know there are ‘better’ things to watch on TV than renovation shows. Like, I get it…I could watch a documentary on how tissues are made, or one of those shows where you watch the life-cycle of a frog from birth to when it gets eaten by a pelican, but I’m not totally convinced that’s …

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