Coffee, The Destroyer

I sure do love doing an entire day’s work and having it all get deleted. I backed it all up as well, but some intern down on the fourth floor deleted the entire server…somehow. Apparently there was a dramatic coffee spilling incident that wiped out all of our company’s memory and now all the footage and documentation that needs to be out to the client by today has been wiped from existence.

My gosh, that must have been quite the coffee break. I’m imagining said intern walking around the server and electronics room with a huge tanker on their back, laughing maniacally while spraying coffee all over everything. The commercial electricians have been called, and while I haven’t SEEN the room yet, I’m expecting something on the verge of utter carnage. Electricians have been called, for a coffee spillage? All our data gone, sacrificed in a ritual of spillage the coffee deities?

This is why I say we need to have an official electrical guy in. An electrician just for us. We only have a small IT team and our expertise doesn’t extend to rewiring and complex electrical jobs. We’re IT technicians, not electrical wizards. None of us are able to service a generator, so don’t ask. Or as I should say, stop asking. Now they’re expecting us to put on our scuba gear and swim right into the sea of spilled coffee so we can fix all the servers, but this job is way beyond us. We just don’t have the know-how to be taking on huge electrical jobs with no serious danger to life and limb. Also, I’m not really a coffee person. Scuba diving in the stuff just doesn’t appeal to me, as a general concept. Whereas electricians? They scuba dive for a living. I bet the electricians open in Cheltenham are scuba electrical rewiring masters. Send them in.

I don’t actually want to see the state of the server room right now.

-J. Goodman