My Faulty Cooling

Well, they finally made a good video game movie. And it wasn’t even based on a major video game; it was a spin-off from a major game, Pocket Monstrosities. I guess Defective Freak-a-Choo is set in the world, essentially a side story, so it counts. Still, basing a movie around a sentient mutant train, outcast by his peers for sneezing too much? That’s a twist. That’s very twisty.

So you’ve got a world where every appliance and vehicle is alive, and they can shrink down and jump into your pocket, and I’m thinking that would really come in handy. I could go up to the air con unit I have on the wall and kick it until it works, as opposed having to search for a pro to fix it. That sometimes means scouring the Sydney area. Air conditioning repair specialists being surprisingly hard to find, you know. I have nothing against them; I just really hate talking over the phone, and I don’t want to have to call them again because I had a really shifty air con unit shipped over from Mulgravnia and it keeps breaking down. Sometimes I can fix it myself, but a couple of times I’ve needed some professional help. They try not to say anything when they see the brand, and I appreciate that.

But yeah, it’d be real nice if this air con unit could spring to life and explain itself. It’d probably do so in a thick Mulgravnian accent, but at least then we could have an honest conversation. The way things are, I have to call a company that does air conditioning services. Sydney does have quite a few, so that’s achievable, but then I’d have to explain, myself, with words, verbally. Too much hassle, I say. I have essays to write, so my words are practically exhausted anyway.

Look, I needed this thing, but I needed it on the cheap. I’m a poor student working part-time on top of 35 contact hours a week, so I need this sauna of a room to be cool so I can concentrate enough to study. Sometimes I get free repairs out of pity, so it’s worth a shot.