Kitchen Bliss

I might not be raking it in, but having a beautiful kitchen makes me feel like I’m rolling in riches. Seriously, it’s a thing. For some people, it might be having a mammoth tub in the bathroom, a bedroom with walk-in wardrobe or an outdoor entertaining area. As for me, I’m all about an accessible pantry, well-designed storage solutions, nicely integrated appliances and a breakfast bar. Add a kitchen island and a gas stove and I’m in heaven.

It’s partly because I enjoy cooking, and partly because I had my share of houses with sub-standard kitchens. There was the one with hardly any cabinet space except for way up where I couldn’t reach it, and the one with the old stove that had to be patiently coaxed into turning on. There was also that one with creepily clinical white benchtops and weird taps that felt like they’d been repurposed from a morgue. Now that I’ve got this beautiful, spacious, wood-finished palace at my disposal, I feel like I’ve finally made it in the world.

Call me materialistic, but it’s improved my quality of life by at least 50%. Like I said, though, this is coming from someone who’s lived through some terrible kitchens renovations. Melbourne, it seems, is a tad hit and miss when it comes to house quality on the rental market, but there are some gems out there. I’m just relieved to have finally found one.

I really recommend thinking about whether your space hits the mark, and what you can do about it if it doesn’t. Doing a kitchen facelift is honestly so worth it if you’re someone who puts any amount of time and energy into their food prep. A beautiful workspace lifts the spirits and, I swear, imbues your food with better energy. If you’re a landlord, I’m talking to you in particular. For the love of all that’s holy, think of your tenants. It won’t hurt your investment, either.