Hollywood Bound

I can’t believe it: I’m on tv! My whole life I’ve wanted to be on television as an actor, but I’ve never managed to land any gigs. I’ve had acting jobs, of course, otherwise, I wouldn’t be a real actor, but I’ve never been a televised actor before, seen all across Australia. That changed today when I was filmed as part of a documentary about the best metal suppliers Melbourne has to offer.

It has been a long journey ever since I went for my first audition trying to get the starring role for a clothing store’s advertisement. I’m still not sure why I didn’t get that part. I delivered the line “We’re having a fire” with such perfection, but then they wanted me to ruin it by adding the word “sale”. I don’t get it. From there I worked as an understudy for the Green Man Group, although never got to actually perform on stage.

My biggest role, and closest chance at being on television, came through the opportunity to play my father-in-law for a crime show (my father-in-law may or may not be wanted for some significant crimes after building homes in a country that I cannot disclose). I did a great job acting as George, but unfortunately, the project was shut down unexpectedly.

After that, I was starting to think that I was cursed and would never get on television. My dream of becoming a household name was gone. But then I walked into a Melbourne shop for steel fabricators and everything changed. I will make everybody I ever meet watch this television documentary so that they know I am a bona fide television actor. Of course, it wasn’t a speaking role, but I can live with that. Sure, my delivery of the line, “Perhaps an attic shall I seek,” when playing my father-in-law was perfect and means I deserve more speaking roles, but I have to start somewhere.

It’s just really fortunate that I was walking through the documentary shot while searching for steel fabrications. They’re on a tight budget, so they can’t afford to reshoot. Hollywood, here I come! 

– Tobias