Archerak’s Evil Scheme

When a day passed and I’d received no response from Jack Zebraman, and Bandit was yet to return with the hardware for our plan to stop my evil clone, I was just about ready to give up. Nobody was coming to save poor Space Wizard from the clutches of Archerak.

The arch-lich, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, paced before me and the anti-magic barrier he had placed me in. I held my eyes closed and tried to meditate, but it was hard with Archerak mocking me with every breath. What was taking Bandit and Frankie so long? Had the Cheltenham shop been closed, and they had to find a hardware store around Sandringham instead? That would be just my luck, wouldn’t it?

“Thinking about how nobody is coming to save you?” Archerak said. “You were a fool to believe my magic had been taken from me. I am the single most powerful being in existence. Nothing can take away my power. I cannot be defeated. I cannot be harmed. Even if someone was to defeat me, I would revive with a new body at my phylactery within days.”

I tried to ignore him, but found myself asking, “What do you even want? What do you gain by betraying us?”

Archerak laughed. “I simply want to bring about chaos and spread darkness, wherever I am in the universe. I gain nothing other than my own sadistic satisfaction.”

Sighing, I accepted that he was right. Nobody would be coming to help me. Bandit had probably failed to gather the timber supplies near Cheltenham. For all I knew, Evil Space Wizard had already defeated him.

Archerak gasped, and I opened my eyes to see a sharp pole sticking out of his chest. Bandit? Had he come to save me?

Out from behind Archerak stepped Jack Zebraman. He’d agreed to help after all!

Archerak took a deep breath and said, “You will pay dearly for this. Although this body will be defeated, I will return to have my vengeance! I will destroy all of you!”

Then Archerak slumped over the pole, and his body turned to dust.