Fighting Property Tyranny

Amidst the backdrop of a city reborn, there emerged a collective resolve like no other. As the embers of victory still glowed, buyer’s advocates from every corner of Melbourne converged with a singular vision: to safeguard the future of the city’s property landscape. From this union, the Syndicate of Buyer’s Advocacy, based in Melbourne, was …

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Conveyancers Strike Back

In the neon-soaked back alleys of Melbourne, the Liberators gathered, a motley crew united by a singular goal – to pry their city from the icy clutches of Donald, the billionaire property mogul. Central to their strategy was a treasure trove of knowledge, thanks in large part to the expert conveyancing solicitors in their midst. …

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Investigating Conveyancers

Schlock Homes and I, John Whatson, had been hired to investigate the disappearance of several conveyancers at the Victorian Conveyancing Conference. We already had a couple of good leads, deciding to follow up on Peter Gallon, who had threatened to make bad things happen if he didn’t get a certain award. Peter Gallon was easy …

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