Flying House Negotiation

The door to the tiny home swung open. A cloud of golden fairy dust flew in the breeze, rising up high enough to tickle even Penelope’s human eyes. Blinking away the dust, she saw that the property agent had come out of the house. In her arms, she held a sign that read ‘Property For Lease’ and also listed the new property’s inspection times.

She appeared startled at the sight of Penelope, dropping the sign to the ground. It was so tiny that Penelope only heard the slightest thud as it hit the floor, sounding only like the wind had flown a little too quickly past her ear. 

Her friend Ferry raced to pick the sign up for the agent. “I’m currently hoping to invest in a new property nearby,” he began, drawing her focus to himself. “Ignore my friend – she was told to find a buyer’s advocate near Brighton East and thought they said flyer’s advocate. Next thing I know, she was following me up the trail, given…”

Ferry fluttered his wings as his sentence trailed off. Penelope rolled her eyes – he couldn’t just say the truth that they were friends? The fact that she was searching for property advocates around Melbourne wasn’t entirely a lie, given she was looking for a new house to renovate, but the way he said it made her seem a little unintelligent.

“It’s fine, I know how humans can be.” The inspector brushed her surprise off. “She’ll have to stay outside though.”

As though I was planning on fitting in there, Penelope thought. As Ferry strode into the building, Penelope took the time to observe the outside architecture of the home. It was quite quaint. The roof tiling was covered in moss, holding dewdrops of gold fairy dust that glimmered in the sunlight filtering through the tree above them. The walls were built with small, interlocking pebbles. The door, although she wouldn’t risk knocking on it herself, did look like it was made out of sturdy bark. 

It was a beautiful home. She wished she could fit inside.