A sticky situation

I am very guilty of being one of those people who like to do everything themselves. I’m extremely stubborn like that but I feel if I leave everything in my own hands, it’s my own fault if something goes wrong. I hate the feeling of letting someone help me with something, then the project goes bad and I feel resentful to that person. The last time I brought someone else into the business it was to help me launch a campaign for a new product I was releasing as part of one of my bike ranges. They totally screwed it all up. They released the product too early and it didn’t coincide with when our stockists would have the bike available. We received a lot of angry calls from customers who wanted to purchase the bike and stockists who felt we were trying to screw them over. I often tell myself that had I not brought this person into the business, none of this would have happened.

As part of my new year’s resolution, I am trying to actively become better at trusting people with my work and I think I’ve got the perfect situation to put this into play. I shot a whole heap of bike footage the other week and now I’m getting overwhelmed in the editing process. It’s time I take a step back and find an expert in post production services to help me edit the footage so that I can actually have a video that I’m proud of. I think this will be a super helpful and vital step to help me start welcoming other people into working with me and being able to trust in their skills. This video I’m creating is meant to be a bit of a hype reel of all the different bikes in my brand. I’m looking for a highly-rated corporate video production company in the Melbourne area to make this happen. I just need to remind myself that some people are experts in their field. I may be the expert in bikes and marketing, but I am definitely not an expert in everything – no matter how much I wish I was!