The early years

The early years of raising a child can be quite stressful. While illnesses and disabilities can strike at any point in a person’s life, it is during the early ages of being a child when most things such as learning disabilities and autism are diagnosed. I noticed my son was really struggling with a few visual interpretation skills such as recognising space. We decided to take him to a highly recommended behavioural optometrist after a discussion with a preschool teacher led us to believe that our son might have a few issues with his vision. Luckily, his eyesight came back fine and that his issues with vision were more so a perception thing as opposed to actually having trouble with his vision. Figuring this out early on meant that we could take appropriate steps early in his life to help rectify these issues. We noticed that these therapy sessions were doing wonders to help ease my son’s stress and improve his cognitive abilities. 

I am so impressed with this optometrist. Bentleigh has so many eye clinics and therapists that it can be hard to find one that can genuinely help. I am definitely noticing a very rapid and great improvement in my son and it’s helping the whole family feel more at ease. At the time, we were very worried that he was going to be diagnosed with more extensive issues. These concerns are long gone now and it’s exciting to see my son become a lot calmer and have better interpretation skills. It’s funny how I can have three kids yet all three kids can be so vastly different. I guess that’s what makes them all unique. I love that they’re all different. I feel I can bond with each child for different reasons and I’m so excited for when they get that little bit older and we can start doing more fun activities together. Becoming a mother has definitely been a stressful experience, but it’s also been the most rewarding experience in my life.