The Ultimate Greenspace

There are plenty of people interested in caring for the environment, but only a few interested in caring for the environment, you get me? Like, you can join in a protest against global warming and/or climate change, you can make sure you recycle diligently, but most people don’t think to do anything as radical as converting their entire living space into a free electricity haven.

If I use power, I use it responsibly. My entire apartment complex is hooked up to the best commercial solar Sydney has to offer.  That works for me because I need something powerful and precise. Of course, the whole outside is decked out in solar panels facing in the optimal directions and changing as the day goes on to absorb the maximum amount of power, and practically everything I need is powered by that or myself. If I want to cook an egg and it’s been a cloudy day, I just hop on my exercise bike, which is hooked up to the main power supply. Only takes about half an hour of cycling for me to get the job done, an extra fifteen if I want some toast soldiers to go with my egg. And by that time I’ve burned off all the calories as well, so I’m fit as a fiddle.

I know I’ll probably never find anyone who takes this as seriously as me, and my apartment is full of wires and blinking graphs to represent how much power I’m using, but I hold out hope that one day, in the future, this will be standard. All energy will be clean and self-generated, a truly equal society, one where everyone is as fit and happy as me.

The builder manager is seriously looking into a 100 KW system. Yes, they also are for businesses and not something you’d often find in large apartment complexes, but I’m pioneering a whole new way of life here. Everything renewable; I have to have the best, even if it’s only me, alone in my crusade.