Taking care

We move into our new home in two weeks! Can you believe it? Two weeks! This whole process has felt like a lifetime and now that the wheels are finally in motion for us to properly move into this house, we’re still not ready. As far as all the furniture goes, we’re all set up. It’s everything else that’s an issue. It seems like we’ve made so many oversights in basic necessities. Hopefully, we can take care of it all as soon as possible. For example, setting up Foxtel when moving house. We use Foxtel religiously yet still forgot to get it set up for our new home. I guess we became so accustomed to it being available at the click of a button that we forgot that there were a few things that needed to be done to ensure that Foxtel would be working in our new home. 

We also realised that we haven’t done anything to set up our home phone. My husband and I have been so reliant on our mobiles, to the point we hardly use our home phone. I have called a company to help with our phone line installation. Melbourne is great because most of the tech and communication companies here seem to tackle Foxtel, phone lines, and internet all as one so I was, therefore, able to make a booking for both the phone and Foxtel to be set up as one. I usually hate having to set up things like this. You can sometimes lose a whole day spending time on the phone coming up with arrangements to get things like this sorted. By the looks of things, we should have everything set up and ready to go by the time we move in. Once the move-in happens I’m excited to just sit down with a glass of wine and relax. It’s very needed right now. Bye!