Superhero Eye Tests

The city of Bayside—where new challenges await our beloved trio!

Having acknowledged their blurry woes, the sisters set out in search of the finest optometrist in Bayside. Their journey to find the best Bayside optometry clinics, however, wasn’t without its quirks.

“Here it is!” Polly declared, pointing at a modern-looking building with a sign that read ‘ClearView Optometry.’ The trio entered with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

First up was Pandora. Sitting confidently in the examination chair, she smirked. “This will be a breeze!” But the air-puff machine, a staple of eye exams, had other plans. As the machine let out a tiny puff of air towards her eye, Pandora retaliated, sending a flurry of punches in its direction. The optometrist, Dr. Iris, intervened, “Easy there, champ! It’s just a little air.”

Next was Petra. Handed a set of colourblind tests, she squinted at the coloured dots, imagining not numbers but an alternate universe where the skies were neon green and clouds were vivid violet. “Ooh, this is like a 2070s rave!” she cooed, getting strange looks from Dr. Iris.

Finally, Polly took the spotlight, determined to ace the letter-reading test. Staring at the chart, she confidently began, “Z, um, squiggly line, blob, happy squiggle, sort of a smiley face?” Dr. Iris, trying hard not to chuckle, gently corrected, “Let’s try a few lines higher, dear.”

The verdict was clear; all three needed glasses. As Dr. Iris showcased various frames, the sisters’ emotions ran the gamut from elation to uncertainty. “Will I still be stealthy with spectacles?” wondered Pandora. Petra added, gazing at a colourful frame, “These could match my combat boots!” Polly pondered, “Do they make frames in invisible material?”

Dr. Iris smiled, handing them a business card, “If you need more options, there’s another great optometrist close to Cheltenham. But trust me, you all will rock these glasses!”

And thus, with their world a tad clearer (and more stylish!), our trio’s adventures in Bayside continue.