Suddenly, Skill Gates

Okay, when we said they needed to patch the electrician class, we didn’t mean like that. At first it was super easy to become an electrician, but now it’s become stupendously difficult, and no one is picking the class anymore. If no one is picking the class, that means that there are fewer people to fix electrical problems, so…we’re heading for chaos, if they’re not careful.

Just imagine if all of your local commercial electricians suddenly vanished, because the requirements to reach that level were too high. First you have to pass a fiendishly-difficult quiz that includes stuff about electrons and the makeup of atoms, then you have to find an electrician to be apprenticed to (pretty hard, since no one is doing it anymore), and there are regular exams during your training. And after that, you have to do a practical exam that has a 25% chance of inflicting injury to your avatar, which means you have to start all over again. Even if you don’t get zapped into oblivion, the fail rate is still incredibly high, and they knock you right back to the beginner apprentice stage.

Like…do the development team actually play their own game? I’m thinking that they can’t have, because then they’d know about the barriers they themselves set up for play. I get that electricians are important members of the community…it’s why there were so many forum posts and petitions about having the class be treated with a bit more importance. Here in Bayside, electricians would be operating with some really good training, I’d hope. But I’m pretty sure the survival rate for electrician training is only 75%. That goes against the realism just a tad.

Isn’t the point of all that training so that electricians know what they’re doing? They’re going to put a whole generation of people off the idea just because they make it look more dangerous than it really is.