Frankie’s Glass Lessons

This weird German guy keeps following me around Sweden, the new suburb in Victoria dedicated entirely to season two of Australia’s Next Top Office. I think he might be the show’s host or something but he’s never actually been properly introduced. So, for all I know I’ve just got an ‘overly enthusiastic follower’. Apparently I’m not allowed to use the actual word on here. Something about algorithms and formulas. Oh, apparently an algorithm is a formula. Just goes to show that I don’t know the first thing about computers. I don’t even know what IT stands for! I am a giddy goat. 

That would be a great thing to teach my third-grade class when I get back from my annual leave. I like to use my lessons as a learning opportunity for myself as well. I hope the students are doing alright without me.

Anyway, back to the German guy. He keeps asking me in his strange accent whether I am going to do commercial tinting in my office, like the other contestants. I guess that means he has something to do with the show, even if he is also asking if I want to play foosball and suggesting that he cook with me. This was not at all what I expected Next Top Office to be like. 

I did try to teach my class about glass tinting once, but they actually found it pretty boring. This was odd for them because they love learning about anything from sewers to air conditioning services. But for some reason, the business of office glass tinting near Melbourne just didn’t grab their attention. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll learn plenty about it while watching me on the show.

I still can’t believe that Archerak liquified Space Wizard. The first plot twist of the show wasn’t even captured on film! He could have at least had the courtesy to wait until the cameras were rolling. Now everyone is going to wonder why there are only five contestants. Oh well, I’m sure the producers know what they’re doing.

– Ms Frankie