Property Advocates, Here?

You’d think being trapped in a virtual world would be great fun. That, or really dull, what with all of it just being code and whatnot. I haven’t seen Word-Art Online, the show about the people who get stuck inside a Word document, but I certainly know of it. It has virtual reality hijinks, just like what I created. Or Tran, the one about the computer program who has to save the world while struggling with his gender.

Yeah, I know all of them. But Nonwind RPG is its own thing. I coded it, so it’s more complete than any of them; no menus or obvious pixels. It’s just Melbourne, but enhanced. And now that I’m living a relatively normal life, I have relatively normal problems.

I don’t recall programming in any buyers advocates, but here they are. I’m only working a minimum wage job so it’s not like I’ll ever get to use their services- maybe after I find a really nice piece of loot, but drop rates make that unlikely- and yet, I’m so interested to see how society has developed from my original vision. Something as complex as buyers advocacy isn’t something I originally programmed. Let’s face it…it’s not exactly the most common profession. They didn’t have them in ancient civilisations, to my knowledge. If I did ever get round to adding them myself, buyers advocates would probably be a branch of the real estate tree, pretty high up but in its own sub-category. Like, a niche profession for people to choose if they didn’t just want to go for owning a chain of real estate agencies. I might’ve enjoyed programming the skills and abilities for a property advocate in Melbourne. Obviously they’re very good at locating and appraising property…plenty of material there. But also, they liaise with clients, so their skills have some variance to contrast with regular professions.

But they just appeared by themselves. Fully-functional property advocates, and that’s not the only profession. What else will happen before I finally find a way out of here?