New Happy Home

It’s that time of the year again: all the Christmas specials are airing. Really helps me to get into the Christmas spirit, especially when the shows are about moving home and they make it all…festive.

One of my favourites since they started airing the re-runs from Melbourne is Escape to the Country, perhaps because a lot of home renovation shows play it so safe and an innocent couple being helped by community volunteers is a bit more spicy. Mmm, spice! Obviously once the couple enjoys the initial help they have to find a new place in the country, for which they need all sorts of professionals. The show arranges meetings with conveyancing solicitors and gives them times to arrive, but of course, the helpers are still out there. This couple still has no idea they’re being secretly filmed; they just know that they have to talk to a conveyancer, because that’s the first step to making a major move, obviously. So they have to find clever ways to make it into the conveyancing office, which is obviously a safe zone. Can’t have conveyancers getting their day’s work ruined by overly enthusiastic helpers bursting through the window and throwing glitter everywhere. That’s just not conducive to anyone’s work day.

Jack and Susan, this latest couple, made it to their meeting okay and had it all organised for them to change their names and move to a nice little place in Pakenham. Thing is, their home in Cheltenham had to be put on the market, and they couldn’t actually go back there. So, they had to put it on the market as being fully-furnished and move from one motel to the other every single night, otherwise the helpful people would find them.

This particular saga went on for three episodes, with the finale also being the Christmas special. That was the one where they finally made it to a conveyancing office in Cheltenham, everything was sorted out, there was a final car trip on the way to their new home in Pakenham where they had to wave to the helpers on a bridge…and then they arrive to find that the crew have decorated their new country home for Christmas! Aww.