Multi-Lane Menace

It’s come to my attention that the autobahn concept is pretty divisive. From my perspective, it’s completely terrifying. The notion of having no speed limit to regulate the flow a multi-lane freeway freaks me out. I understand that most drivers in Germany are used to it, and that it’s something of a point of national pride, but that doesn’t make it any more inviting from where I’m standing. If anything, other people being so into it makes it even more disconcerting.

Even among non-Germans, it seems, there are people who love the idea. Some of my mates have said that the experience of driving with no speed limit would be a bit of a dream come true. This was news to me when I heard it; I had no idea that feeling this way was a thing. Turns out I’m a notably cautious driver – overly cautious, according to some. 

I’ll stick to puttering around Melbourne in my dinky little hatchback, thanks. That reminds me; I must make that car service booking. Hawthorn drivers, do you have a local garage to recommend? The guy I usually go to is on holiday, and I’m not willing to risk my safety by waiting for him to get back from the Maldives. If my calendar says it’s time for an annual service, it’s time for an annual service. 

Okay, fine. Maybe I am unusually cautious. But when it comes to cars and driving, can you really be too careful? I think not. I probably got this from my mother. Her go-to mechanic, located near Glen Iris, is always joking that she’s his most careful customer. It’s entirely possible that I could give her a run for her money, if my mates are to be believed. I guess I should book in there and find out. 

If I am, in fact, a more cautious driver than my mother (the most cautious driver I’ve ever seen), then that could something for me to work on. Perhaps I do need to loosen up try the autobahn. Luckily for me, I’m not planning a trip to Germany any time soon.