Island Life

To island or not to island? That is the question. No, I’m not contemplating a getaway to the Philippines – quite the contrary, as I don’t think I’ll be taking too many overseas holidays for a while once I’m through with this kitchen renovation. That said, whether or not I opt for the island could make all the difference – those things don’t come cheap, you know, especially if I want the integrated breakfast bar.

On the upside, I’ve been told that the re-purposed wood idea is possible, and that it could save me a few bucks as well as bringing a touch of rustic chic to my kitchen, which is currently dominated by metallic appliances. Juxtaposition of industrial materials is the thing this season, according to kitchen designers. Well, some kitchen designers, anyway, as quoted in this month’s edition of Rogue Living

Islands, for their part, are neither up nor down in the style stakes, in and of themselves. It all depends on the styling, it seems – what they’re made of, what special features they have and how they integrate into the kitchen as a whole. I’ll tell you what – it’s a complicated matter, this kitchen installation business. You can’t take anything as a given, whether it’s a passing trend, a functional inclusion or a seemingly classic feature with enduring appeal, like an island. 

On one hand, you’re expected to pay attention to contemporary styling, and on the other, it’s considered poor taste to get overly caught up in it and become a slave to interior design trends. 2019, for example, is the year of navy blue, and many authorities are calling it a classic choice. But by 2021 it’s bound to be considered naff, especially if enough people jump on board with adopting the allegedly classic look. 

I’m pretty confident about the island, anyway. I’ve wanted one for at least a decade now (and counting), so I’m unlikely to suddenly lose interest in it.