Car swap show

I’m part of a car enthusiast group that meets once a month. I enjoy it because it’s nice to meet up with like-minded people and check out each other’s cars.

Leading up to the event we will all find a location that will easily accommodate all the cars and is convenient for everyone to get to. Aside from our big monthly meetup some of us occasionally get together for a cruise and stop at a random pizza shop for a bite to eat. I won’t lie, this event is a bit of an opportunity to brag about the cars we own and I will never attend the monthly meetup without taking my car to the car service mechanic near Coburg. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being that car owner who turns up with a car that is steaming, smoking and stalling. I look after my car quite well so rarely does the mechanic find any issues. He also cuts me a bit of a deal as I’m part of the same car society as him. The upside of getting my car serviced regularly is that every potential bit of trouble with my car is detected early.

At the last car meet, there was another car owner who took an interest in my car. He mentioned that he would like to buy it but wasn’t sure how safe it was as his children will be driving with him. I suggested that I could get a roadworthy certificate to put his mind at ease. The plan was that we would swap our cars. I would quite like his car as it’s a two-door that is quite snazzy with interiors I’d love to redecorate. I won’t pressure him though. There’s nothing worse than being pressured into buying something you’re unsure of. Besides, I’m not exactly desperate to palm off my current car. It’s a win-win either way if I’m being honest.