Bendigo’s Tourism Boost

Spoiler alert.

I never would’ve suspected that Jamilla was in on the plot to rob Kaylene of her father’s inheritance by posing as a penguin saleswoman, or that she was put up to the task by Ulysses, who secretly wanted to simply get down into the treasure vault of Kaylene’s ancestors to steal the Mask of Wicky-Tacky-Paddywacky which HE thinks will give him four wishes (I know, weird number). That, in turn, will allow him to ruin Ophelia’s new auto mechanic workshop and give him the prestige and funds to start doing professional car repairs himself, this bringing him into contact with the guy who plays Mr Bean and allowing Ulysses to steal his identity. Phew!

The forums are going wild with this one, particularly since they featured this one Bentleigh car service centreBentleigh, apparently, apparently in need of a tourism boost after they promised that the lemur sanctuary was moving there and it didn’t end up happening. Luckily for them, they’ll be getting plenty of tourism soon enough. Seriously – you don’t know how avid Week of Our Lives fans can be. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mechanics in Bentleigh were suddenly inundated with requests, just because one of them appeared in the background.

It might help that the episode ended with Ulysses standing in the middle of Bendigo, mechanics filling the frame, giving a speech about how he was going to shut down all of the auto shops and he’d be the only one remaining, thus FORCING the Mr Bean guy to come to him for car servicing. Then he’d live in that comfortable mansion in the Cotswolds and be internationally beloved as opposed to a pariah for his obsession with a cursed mask, and also that one time he sneezed in his hand and wiped it on the first-prize ribbon at the Realsville Origami Competition and it ended up in the local paper.

Now everyone feels a bit bad for the local workshops doing auto electrical. Bendigo might be famous now, but there wasn’t much focus on that aspect of the work in the show.