Annoyingly Split Opinions

I never know what to think about television shows, because that would involve having an opinion of my own. I binge-watched Braking Dad because an internet article told me to (the title was actually ‘Drop Everything and Binge-Watch Braking Dad Right Now’). So I did, obviously. I found myself thinking that this harrowing tale of a Dad who keeps having to stop on a road trip because his children need bathroom breaks was… somewhat dragged out? Five seasons of a dad getting progressively more frustrated on a single road-trip just seemed like a bit much. But then I saw that the internet loved it, so I do as well! One day I’ll watch it again, if I ever see an article entitled ‘You NEED To Watch Braking Dad Again, Right Now’.

Same with Fantasy, which split the internet down the middle (always tough for someone like me), but then someone posted a very convincing theory about glass balustrades. Melbourne is already all over those things; they’re the bees knees, as well as the cat’s pyjamas (there was also an article saying we should bring back old phrases). I follow a number of social media accounts that exclusively post pictures of balustrades, and any day now, people are going to get used to me sharing every single one of the pics onto my Visage-Tome page. 

Anyway, the theory tied everything together with glazier work and balustrades, so from my perspective, that was all sorted. The finale made sense again, everything was fine, people loved it, and so I could love it as well. 

And then that petition got started, with people saying that it was bad and we should all hate it, and we’re back to square one again. I guess I could just plant my flag firmly in the camp of glass repair companies. Melbourne glaziers do some great work, and I would know because I follow all their accounts.

But… there’s a petition. With 24 signatures! What to do?