After Careful Consideration

I was a cautious child. I remember that specifically, because when I became old enough to understand the lyrics to ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ I immediately did a sweep of my room to locate the cameras, set up some of my own to monitor the chimney and covered the fireplace in barbed wire. I wasn’t overly happy with being watched while I was sleeping- that’s weird, right??- and I was determined to prevent this intruder from entering our family home.

And now, I’m…exactly the same. Father Christmas might not be real…or at least, it’s unlikely, but I don’t really trust a lot of people. Just the fact that I’ve agreed to hire a buyers advocate firm in Melbourne is a large step, mostly in concession to my wife. She knows that I’m going to research whoever we choose to the nth degree, read every single review, probably also call up a few relevant parties to confirm that what I’m reading and hearing is indeed correct, then collate all the data into an online spreadsheet to see if they measure up to my standards. I mean, these are property advocates: they’ll be telling us what home to buy, or at least making recommendations that will at least sway my wife. I have the right to make sure they they’re qualified, vetted and approved by peers. That’s what you get when you set yourself up as any expert: you place yourself at the scrutiny of your more cautious clients.

Only last year I wasn’t able to carry out my full research when hiring someone to seal the edges of the garage. He was a ‘friend’, Ria said. Well, he did the job, and the final price. was 16% higher than the estimate. Ha. HA!

These are property advocate professionals, so we are being led to believe. There’s a certain degree to which you have to simply accept that you’re not a professional and they are…but only a degree. I’m willing to put in that work.